Highest quality handmade GRILLZ’ 
10kt solid gold, yellow gold or rose gold or white gold, 6 top 6 bottom $649🔥Or 8 top 8 bottom $899🔥 Or 6 top 6 bottom solid silver $379🔥  FREE 💎 Diamond cut design “Limited Time Offer”
Come visit my family and I, let’s get you fitted for your custom GRILLZ today - 
Easy credit financing by American First If credit score is under 600 you may approve the approved for a credit line of $300-$3000 with a down payment as little as $0 to $50 max! They do report to Trans Union so it can give your credit score a boost. 
They offer a 101 NO interest program! Get started NOW!
If your credit score is in the high 600s we also offer Synchrony and Wells Fargo financing - they offer no down payment and no interest for 12 months🍻
*in house financing unavailable for grillz
Make it a blessed day! 
Rick Pedro
Diamond City Jewelers
975 Alamo Dr
Vacaville Ca 95687
707-372-6010 mobile

100% Credit Approval Guaranteed!

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