Photo Installation*


Please allow an extra 7-10 business days on top of processing time and shipping to receive the pendant with photo installed

The photo will be installed as uploaded and will be used with the quality uploaded so please use the highest quality image for best results.

For specific cropping of the photo, make sure it is edited before hand, or added within the additional notes. If not informed, the entire photo will be installed and we are not responsible for incorrectly printed photos in that case


*Allow up to 3 business days for processing and shipping time is dependent on chosen delivery method at checkout. With that being said, purchases after 12pm PST Friday - Sunday will be processed starting the business day.

We use the highest quality of plumb gold available and natural diamonds or other gemstones available. However, all gold and natural stones can eventually fade if not taken care of properly. Follow these simple steps to ensure your product last as long as possible:

Avoid any moisture, including Sweat, Showers, Pools, Oceans etc. After wearing your piece of jewelry, wipe it down with dry microfiber cloth to remove skin oils Do not use jewelry cleaner or any other chemicals Avoid Hairspray, cologne, body spray, etc.

Treat your jewelry like a new pair of shoes! If you just bought some new Jordans, I know you wouldn't wear them at the beach! With that being said, don't wear your jewelry while playing sports and such

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