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About Us

Welcome to Diamond City, we are a family operated business that care deeply about its customers and the community. We offer affordable quality jewelry for every special occasion.

Meet the Owner

Rick Pedro has been in the jewelry business since 1985.

Rick is committed to helping you regardless of your situation. If you have suffered from bankruptcy or have poor credit he is here to help you rebuild with the dignity and respect you deserve. He is a true believer that everyone deserves a second chance.

So stop into the store or give him a call today!

The Difference at Diamond City?
Diamond City is a jewelry store where you will never suffer the embarrassment of being declined to purchase jewelry on credit. People come to Diamond City because they need help establishing credit or re-establishing credit if they've had a bankruptcy, divorce, job loss, or a foreclosure.

We offer a huge selection of beautiful and fashionable jewelry, check out our great selection online or in-store.

A Message from Rick

"Bad credit or no credit, Diamond City is a truly unique and wonderful business. Rick and his staff have not only helped us to improve our credit, but have made us feel like lifetime long friends!!"
–David & Jeanette Gauci

"The staff is awesome. I was approved for credit with no problems. Perfect customer service, love the staff they make you feel welcome."
–Shelia Wallace and Jacquana Marshall